For Employers :

1- Matching candidates for the job.

2- Data flow of candidates.

3- Data flow of recruitment company that the employer chooses for recruitment process.

4- Preparing candidates for job requirements according to employer order.

5- Marketting the employer announcements or requirements of applicants.

6- Recruitment procedures for the candidates according to employer policy & country policies.

7- Provide consultations for the employer upon his request.

8- Preparing for interviews.

9- Welcoming the employer representatives.

10- Additional services according to employer requirements.

For Candidates :

1- Doing with our partners (Employers & Recruitment Companies) in Jordan and Gulf countries to provide jobs for our candidates.

2- The candidate will be nominated to each institution that employ candidates of  the same profession soon after candidate register at this website.

3- Candidates will be nominated for any request by employers or recruitment companies for employees.

4- Contracting , Visa , and travelling services according to employer policy or requests.

5- Training and training preparations.

For Recruitment Companies :

1- Nominate candidates CVs based upon recruitment company needs.

2- Marketting their announcements.

3- Use the recruitment companies services for the employment procedures according to their liscensed services.

4- Refers he employment orders for the purpose of recruitment interventions.

For Training Centers :

1- Refer applicants of training to the centers according to the availability of training courses.

2- Marketting training centers announcements and training programs.


Watheefaty is one of the Madina_Jadida Consulting Corporation (MCC) Projects which aims to help job seekers to find job opportunities & the employers to find suitable candidates. MCC have many partners of recruitment agencies and training centers.